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LAQ: Sweet Collection Princess Garden

Princess Garden is a popular beginner set in the Sweet Collection, enabling highly imaginative play. The Flower Castle has a beautiful Castle Gate and Carriage just like in your favourite princess storybook!

This set includes 175 pieces and comes with a booklet of instructions to make 5 themed models -  Flower Castle, the Secret Tower of a princess, the Princess's Garden where the Princess enjoys her afternoon tea time, the Rose Dresser with a pretty rose on the dresser and the Tea Party Motif Accessories that you can actually wear. Instructions to build cute 2D starter models are also included.

Cool Features:

  1. LaQ has ONLY 7 types of block parts - All of the models made are from these 7 different types of block parts. 2 base and 5 connectors.
  2. Snap, Click and Play  - The parts make a Snap and Click sound which makes it more fun and is a similar sensation to popping bubble wrap.  We find kids enjoy the Snap and Click feel, leading to longer play and concentration
  3. If you lose 1 piece, it doesn’t matter, you can always find another part easily
  4. Compact size and packaging. LaQ is great as a travel toy due to its size and low number of part types


  • Recommended for 5 years to adults
  • Box size:  16cm x 12cm
  • Colour:  yellow, pink, pastel blue, light green and white

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