Kindermusik FAQ

The Kindermusik philosophy springs from genuine respect for each child's individual rate of development. Class activities and all supporting materials are designed to honour, support and celebrate the wonderful uniqueness of each child. Classes have overlapping age ranges to help parents accommodate their child's own needs.

The age recommendations of our classes at Busy Bees Music have been carefully constructed to best group children in an age and developmentally appropriate way. Children must be the minimum age of the class to join.

Family involvement in your child’s learning is a fundamental cornerstone of the Kindermusik philosophy because we believe the parent is the child’s most important teacher and the home is the most important place for a child’s learning to take root and grow. 

In our Level 3 classes, children join the class independantly with parents and carers joining the last 10 minutes of class.

A term of Kindermusik at Busy Bees Music is $198.00.

Our course fees provide all the resources you need to build your kiddos body and brain at home and in the studio.

All our course fees are inclusive of everything you need to enjoy our great classes both in our studio and at home.  There are no registration fees, memberships or annual fees.  Fees are the same for all classes and all age groups. 

More specifically, your enrolment includes:

* 9 x 45 minute weekly brain growing classes

* Regular parenting emails throughout the term

* Two themed units of study

* Two take home music education kits with a story and instrument/prop in each

* Infinite access to the Kindermusik app loaded with your class music (Google Play) or the (App Store)

* One in studio catch up (based on availability)

* Online, live and recorded options for additional catch ups.

Of course! We offer a preview class, before you enrol officially.   We want you to experience everything that our studio has to offer.  During school terms, preview classses are free based on availability.  In booking a class over the Christmas holiday period though, we do a one class ($22.00) holding deposit.  This means we remove your position from our list of advertised positions, allowing you to preview the class and subsequently enrol directly after your preview.   Should you wish to join us we simply deduct your holding deposit twice from the balance of your fees.  Once as your first class is actually free and twice as you’ve already made a $22.00 payment towards those fees.  If you feel the classes are't a good fit for you an your family, we'll refund your holding deposit at the end of your preview class.  

At Busy Bees Music our classes align with the NSW school terms.   Currently Greater Sydney is under stay at home orders so our in studio classes will resume once these orders have been lifted.

Absolutely! All our classes are inclusive. All of our programs focus on the brain body connecction, with a perfect balance of education and fun. Children learn in an emotionally supportive environment through a balanced program to ensure every child is given the opportunity to reach their potential.

I am committed to a classroom that is clean and healthy for your family, and ensuring that participation is safe for all those involved.  Our  Healthy and Happy To Do List' is a lengthy one.  We have a list for before, during and after each and every one of our classes to ensure a healthy space for all.   Our pre-COVID hygiene protocols have always been of the highest standard.  Instruments and all class props were always single use and sanitized and/or washed after each class. Of course this practice will continue.   In addition, as part of our COVID Safety Plan, we have added the use of Viraclean Hospital Grade disinfectant which has been proven to kill a broad range of bacteria and viruses including Enterococcus Faecalis (VRE), MRSA, Hepatitis B Virus, Herpes Simplex Virus , Influenza Virus, and kills Coronaviruses including SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).  We have increased the availability of hand sanitizer throughout the studio and have included a spray bottle of Viraclean along with paper towels to sanitize the nappy change table and/or the scales if you require them.   Amongst other things, we diffuse doTERRA's OnGuard and other essential oils daily in the studio as well as hot steam sanitise all our instruments and manipulatives and wash scarves and parachutes after each use.  We provide wipes, tissues, paper towels, hospital grade disinfectant and hand sanitiser dispensers.  Please use them when required.   

We love to share lots of things in our music class, just not our germs.  One of the hardest decisions to make as a parent when faced with a symptomatic child is, should I attend class today?  Please use the following table as a guideline for attending on those days when you aren't quite sure.   Club Marconi and Busy Bees Music reserve the right to refuse entry to our classes if you are your child are visibly unwell.   We do ensure the highest level of cleanliness practices in our classroom and offer the opportunity to catch up, when you choose to keep your germs at home.  

We will miss you if you need to skip a class due to illness, but we will appreciate your consideration of the health of other children, parents and your educator.  Unless illness prevents you please make every effort to attend your scheduled class as, although we do offer the opportunity to catch up, ultimately they are a privilege and not a right, nor can they be guaranteed.   Our best advice is to prioritise your weekly lesson and save catch ups for emergencies.

We have no specific catch up classes, days or times.   Instead, we use WhatsApp to manage our catch ups.  If you miss a class you join our WhatsApp group for your class age group.  When a family advises of their inability to attend, we post that spot into our chat thread.  Any families that have missed a class are in our WhatsApp group and from there, are then able to claim a spot by replying to the chat post.  Our WhatsApp system works really well but it is a pay it forward system which relies heavily on families advising us of their inability to attend their scheduled class.  We understand that it isn’t always possible, but where you can, we appreciate an SMS (even a late night or an early morning one the day of class) if you are unable to attend as this does help our catch up system to work more efficiently.  

Under COVID conditions, to allow all families the opportunity to catch up missed classes, we offer a maximum of  one studio catch up in any one term.  If you miss more than one class during the term, you will be offered an online live or precorded class option.  Catch up classes do not roll over from term to term.   All of our classes are always fully booked and are now limited in numbers due to COVID-19 restrictions.  To maintain the integrity of our classes and to ensure COVID safe practice, we will not exceed our class maximums.

Due to the specific nature of our classes, we can only accommodate enrolled children and their parent or carer inside our classroom.   Our classes are unable to accommodate unenrolled siblings and children.  Under COVID restrictions, unfortunately for the foreseable future, we are not able to welcome additional guests into our classes and enrolment is rectricted to one adult per enrolled child.

We do know that it is great to share photos and videos with those at home, of the fun that we are having in class.   For any photographs taken, we do ask that only your child is photographed.  There are many reasons why parents and their children choose not be photographed.  For that reason, we respect your privacy and the privacy of others.  Please do not take any photographs or video of any other children other than your own at any time during our class.   This includes children who are in the foreground and in the background.  Regardless of whether you will be posting photos and videos on any social media channel or simply sharing them with family, we ask you to always be mindful of the fact that there may be families who, for personal reasons, do not wish to be included in any way in your photographs.  

For families with a second child attending Kindermusik classes at Busy Bees Music, a one class discount ($22.00) will be applied to the tuition of the younger attending child.  A third child enrolled in Kindermusik classes at Busy Bees Music will receive a $30.00 discount on tuition.

Twins joining the same class will be offered a one class discount and tuition only for the second child.

We value your recommendation of our Kindermusik program to your friends and family.  As a thank you we offer a $15.00 credit towards your next term's enrolment, for every new family you recommend, into one of our Kindermusik classes.

Once enrolled in any of our classes, membership is required for all families who reside within a 10km radius of Club Marconi.    Signing in with your membership will make completing Club Marconi's COVID Safe Protocols easier each week.  Membership will also provide 10% off all food and beverages and a $10.00 birthday voucher in your birthday month.  Annual membership is $10.00.  If you are a member of Mounties, your Mounties membership can gain you entry into the club (although it will not provide food and beverage discount).   Staff may ask you to present your membership card on arrival each week.  

As at Wednesday 15 December, 2021, Club Marconi will remain a vaccination venue and continue to require full vaccination or a medical exemption as a requirement of entry. This will be a requirement of entry until 9.00am on Monday 17 January 2022. Should anything change within our term the necessary updates will be advised and reflected as new entry requirements.

As of Wednesday 15 December, masks will NO LONGER be required in indoor venues. This includes Club Marconi and subsequently Busy Bees Music. Families may now choose to wear a mask at their own discretion. If however, the Public Health Order (PHO) does change whilst our term is running then it will be a requirement to comply with the order at the time of implementation. In the most recent PHO, it was a condition of entry to Club Marconi and subsequently to Busy Bees Music, that all patrons wore a mask in all indoor areas of the premises. Masks were not required for children under 12 years of age, nor if you fell under any of the exemptions or while eating or drinking. If you did decline to wear a mask upon entry and none of the exclusions applied to you, Club Marconi did reserve the right to decline entry. As this was a condition of entry of Club Marconi, subsequently it became a condition of enrolment for Busy Bees Music.