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At Busy Bees Music, we believe in the profound power of connection. Our program is built on fostering these connections, which not only make us feel safe but also open us up to learning and new discoveries.

I hope that our weekly brain growing, music classes, provide an opportunity for you both to learn and grow together, to enjoy the company of your child, to make music, to make memories and maybe even learn a few things along the way.

We use the Kindermusik program to teach our classes.  Kindermusik is a powerful early learning curriculum centered around shared music-making. As an accredited Kindermusik Educator, my mission is to spread the power and joy of shared music-making as a vital learning experience for all young children and their families. ⁠

In every Kindermusik at Busy Bees Music class, you’re welcomed into a playful and nurturing environment where your child will experience music of varying styles, genres, and cultures. They will interact with other children and engage in movement, rhythm, and vocal activities that develop far more than just music skills.

Join us for an experience that guarantees the best fun you'll have all week!


It is a great privilege when a family enrols in one of my classes – an honour that they will allow me to be part of their lives each week, and bring a love of music and learning into their home (literally) for a lifetime.   My mission at Busy Bees Music is to provide your family with a class that promotes learning, safety and value.  Whether you are joining in the studio or online our goal is the same.

MY LEARNING JOURNEY:  For as long as I can remember, music has been an important part of my life.   I was fortunate enough to grow up in a musical family.  As a child learning to play the piano I was excited by the opportunity to learn something new.  As I studied for examinations I learnt motivation, perseverance and discipline.  As a teenager, music gave me solace.  As a young adult music provided me with opportunities engage people through performances and as an educator it now gives me an opportunity to teach.  I am grateful to my parents for giving me the gift of music and a love of learning.

For me as an educator, I wish to pass that gift to you and your children.   Music is a wonderful catalyst for learning.  The Kindermusik program, offered at Busy Bees Music is an especially wonderful child centered approach to learning that uses music as the tool and you as the teacher.    It is my mission that as your child participates in class each week they are learning, creating memories, enjoying experiences and relishing quality time with you – their most important teacher.    As a parent I hope to empower you with information, ideas, activities and special moments that help you understand your child’s development and celebrate the wonderful bond between you and your child.  As your child blossoms in our musical environment and as we share the fun and happiness together, I hope that you will discover a unique sense of community and belonging in our Busy Bees classroom,  come to appreciate the support and friendship from the other adults in class.

THE JOURNEY TO BUSY BEES:   The story of Busy Bees Music began with the arrival of my daughter, Yasmin, whose premature birth inspired me to delve deeper into the transformative power of music.  As a full time piano teacher up until her birth, she had been hearing music in utero for her entire journey earthside.   Feeling her inutero responses to my piano students and their music, I knew she could hear and feel the music already.  Knowing already how important music was for brain development, Yasmin’s premature birth became the catalyst to explore this side of music teaching more seriously and really….the rest is history.  

Since opening our doors in 2007, Busy Bees Music  has earnt recognition as a top program from Kindermusik International.  Accordingly, Busy Bees Music is currently ranked amongst the top 1% of all Kindermusik teaching studios worldwide and is currently the among the top 5 studios Australia and the largest studio in Sydney. 

YOUR CLASS LEARNING JOURNEY:  At Busy Bees Music, we are an experiential play-based, brain-focused, musical learning environment.   We focus on learning through experiences.  We focus on understanding the brain.  Your child’s brain.  So you can better support their learning.  Their growth.  Their emotional development.    We know that young brains grow and thrive when they feel a sense of connection.   We know that children respond better when we connect with them, before we correct them.  Each one of our activities taps into the four elements of connection:  eye contact, presence, physical touch and playfulness.   All our classes are designed to be transformative in some way.  For you.  For your child.  Our goal, especially in this new world, is to provide you with opportunities, activities and memories that allow you to connect with your child in a way that strengthens your relationship with them so that in turn you can be a true champion for your child so that they may reach their utmost potential.

REACH OUT:  I am committed to providing you and your family with the most amazing brain growing classes that provide opportunities for connection, for learning and provide the best learning outcomes for your child.   I love music, I love children and I love teaching. 

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Still got more questions?  Just call me on 0419 449 733.  It’s always nice to chat.

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