Our Music for Mums is held on the first Friday of every month and is an informal gathering of Mums coming together to share a chat, some fun and laughter and a bit of music.

Either a singalong with Miss Tania live on the piano, or a couple of karaoke numbers, a drum circle or a few musical games along with some drinks and a few nibblies, Music for Mums is an opportunity to make some space for you as woman, a way to self-give, a way to just be, to show up and enjoy the evening in any way that works for you.

As mother's, we are conditioned to believe that we must be selfless when raising our children.

We must put the needs of our children before our own.

We must choose their happiness above all else.

Above our own.

And if we aren't selfless then we mustn't be a good enough mother.

Because really, Mum's don't need space. They don't need time alone. They don't need time away from their children. They love every second of being a mother. They never find it hard or boring. They never get angry at their kids, or find the days long and hard and challenging.

Because we're all perfect mothers right? Living in a perfect world. 🤷‍♀️

In her work Dr Sophie Brock says:

"We don't have to step-back from who we are in order to allow our children to rise into who they are.

Raising them, raises us. Raising us, raises them. We're connected. Interdependent. Changing and complex."

She also calls us to reconsider "self-less (the depletion of self) with self-giving (giving from the self to others).

To self-give means an offering, rather than the depletion of self-less.

The act of mothering CAN be part of our self-creation rather than experiences as self-erasure"

Be liberated by Dr Sophie Brock here

Don't walk behind me, I may not lead.

Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow.

Just walk beside me and by my friend.

Albert Camus, French philosopher, author, and journalist.


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