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Miss Tania has been playing the piano for over 40 years now and teaching piano for 28 of those. Her transition into motherhood and her transition from private piano teaching into early childhood music happened with the premature birth of her first born, Yasmin at 28 weeks. Being born so early, Yasmin had quite a journey ahead of her. As a full time piano teacher up until her birth, Yasmin had been hearing music in utero for her entire journey earthside. Feeling her inutero responses to her piano students and their music, Miss Tania knew she could hear and feel the music already. Knowing already how important music was for optimal brain development, Yasmin’s premature birth became the catalyst to explore this side of music teaching more seriously and well really….the rest is history. ⁠

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Grow your kids brains with music!

"Speaking as a scientist, some of the best things you can do for your brainis to make music and be physically active, and these would benefit every child."

Kraus. N. et al (2018) 'Promoting Sound Health' The Hearing Journal

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Did You Know?

Music learning improves how we first hear and understand speech language, and then how we connect the sound with each letter and word combination. Music learning is learning language.

White, E. J. et al (2018). 'Learning, neural plasticity and sensitive periods: implications for language acquisition, music training and transfer across the lifespan.'

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