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Lactamo Breastfeeding Massage Ball

Hey mama, how are you feeling today?  No matter your answer, we're here to help.  Meet Lactamo, your sidekick for navigating your breastfeeding journey.  We want to help you and your bub have the best possible breastfeeding experience.
Lactamo is a massage ball specially designed for breastfeeding.  It combines temperature, movement and compresson in breast massage - that's a world first!
Breast massage and temperature have the ability to address the common breastfeeding problems - in particular blocked ducts, engorgement, and undersupply.... experienced by most breastfeeding mothers.  Lactamo has been hailed as a 'a potential game-changer in breastfeeding' by one of Australia's leading lactation consultants.
Lactamo is a soft sphere (made from medical grade silicon - as soft as jelly) and it is filled with non-toxic gel.  Heatable, coolable, reusable:  use it before, during or after a feed.  100% Australian made, Lactamo is already making ripples taking out awards left right and centre including Australia's Best New Business Idea 2020 at TEDx Sydney.