Nitty Gritty

Thank you for your enrolment.  Below you'll find a summary of your online registration.  This does form our terms and conditions of enrolment.   Your online registration confirms your understanding.  Here's a quick summary for reference throughout the term.
General Nitty Gritty
  • 2023 Term 3 dates are Monday 22 July - Friday 20 September 2024
  • If you reside within a 10km radius of Club Marconi you are required to become a member.
  • If you reside outside of the 10km radius, you will be required to sign in using your current NSW Drivers Licence or a valid form of identification
  • Please aim to arrive at least 5 minutes before the advertised class start time and be ready, with shoes off, to join us for our hello song.
  • We ask that socks are worn by the grownups.  If you do forget, we have some sexy try on socks for you.   Please be sure to remind any other families that may attend class also.
  • Socks are not required for children although if you choose to go with socks, grip socks are best.
  • Due to Kindermusik licensing, we are unable to accomodate unenrolled siblings in any of our classes.  Siblings are most welcome to play in our waiting area with an adult.  Please do not leave any children unattended whilst you are in class.
  • Density limits have been removed so any extra adults are always welcome (as long as they sing 🫢).  No need to let us know.
  • For any media taken in class and posted on socials (with only your children in the media), we ask for the courtesy of crediting Busy Bees Music.  A tag isn't required but a mention of our business name is appreciated. If you want to tag please use @busybeesmusic or #busybeesmusic #busybeesgrowsbrains  Our classes are my own personal Busy Bees brand and it is appreciated that you credit the memories made in your photos back to our classes.
  • Access to Busy Bees Music is via the stairwell or the lift opposite Cucina Galileo.  The main entrance escalators and any acces through any area of Doltone House is not permitted.
  • Any changes to your enrolment on or after Monday 30 January, will incur a $30.00 administration fee.
  • Any changes or withdrawals to your enrolment must be received no less than 24 hours prior to your class time.

Happy & Healthy Classroom

  • We will miss you if you need to skip a class due to illness, we will appreciate your consideration of the health of other children, parents and your educator.  Please use this chart as a guideline.


Catch Up Class Nitty Gritty

  • Please consider carefully, your commitment to join us weekly at the class day and time that you choose.  Credits or refunds are not offered for missed classes.
  • I want everyone to join every single class on every single week but sometimes life throws curveballs.  Keep in mind though that missing classes for reasons other than illness and then stacking a couple of sick days on top of that means you'll end up with a few classes to catch up on.  Sadly most families never catch up on more than a few classes because life is just super busy and catching up is a delicate balance of a notification being received in enough time fo me to post it in the chat, on  a day that you are free on, with a game of fastest finger to nab the spot.
  • Technically we offer one catch up per term but in light of COVID and the bugs that keep hanging around, we have been incredibly flexible and generous with our catch ups.  Please keep in mind though that catching up more than the standard one per term, is then a bonus as is catching up classes for reasons other than illness.
  • In fairness to all families, there will be an altered system of catching up once you've already missed and caught up two classes.
  • Typically catch ups do not roll over from term to term, however with cancelations occuring regularly I would always rather that everyone gets an upportunity to catch up missed classes and that classes are always full and fun.  As you are reenrolling, any catch ups that you have will rollover to next term (even though I do say every term that they don’t roll over) 🫢.
  • Our catch up system is a pay it forward system so if you do know in advance that you will not be in attendance, please send a text (even if it’s the morning of).   This will allow the maximum number of families the opportunity to catch up. Please continue to YAY a spot that works for you and direct all other messages to me privately.

 We look forward to welcoming you into our beehive.  See you soon, Miss Tania 💛 🐝 🎶