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Dear Motherhood; Sincerely Emma Heaphy

Dear Motherhod; Sincerely Emma Heaphy

The ups and downs of early motherhood, beautifully captured through a collection of real, raw and romantic poetry and prose.

Dear Motherhood is not your standard motherhood book. Made up of chapters addressed to each mother at key stages in her early motherhood journey, the 112 musings contained within carry the reader through, or back to, this very special time in her life.

In this motherhood must-have, Emma Heaphy delivers fresh perspectives on many unspoken motherhood realities, leaving the mother feeling seen, encouraged and inspired. Written from the depths of her love for her children, the pieces are rich in heart, soul and vulnerability, and have captured the attention of mothers around the world.

Dear Motherhood is the perfect gift, personal guide and keepsake. It is a breath of fresh air and it deserves a place on every mother’s bedside table, feeding station or bookshelf.

“Emma’s poetry brings a smile to your face and tears to your eyes simultaneously” - The little black and white book project.

“I feel so lucky to have come across Emma and her writing which parallels and so often perfectly speaks to my own feelings of being a first-time mum” – Erin Sullivan.

“Emma’s words are the heart and soul of every mum. She inspires me to become a better mum” – Cathy Zeghrini.

"Emma’s writing is a gift to mothers around the world. I hope it never stops” - Yasmine Duvall.

About Mrs Emma Heaphy

Emma is a former lawyer, now stay at home mother of two from New Zealand. "Dear Motherhood" is her first book, which stemmed from the sharing of her candid experiences through motherhood via her social media channels, Instagram - @wordsof_emmaheaphy and Facebook - @wordsofemmaheaphy. Her raw relatability has captured the attention of mothers around the world, and her book is a testament to that. Written from the depths of her heart for the love she has for her children, it will move you to tears and make you feel seen, all at once.

Emma continues to write through her motherhood journey, one poem at a time.