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LAQ: Basic 201

We've got STEM learning covered with these awesome blocks from LaQ Construction!  

LaQ construction blocks are an open-ended toy that encourages and supports learning. Children learn ways to express creative imagination and build their concentration simply through play.  The Basic 201 set is an ideal beginner set to explore 3D models with LaQ.  Pronounced as La-Kyuu, its uniqueness comes from using just 7 types of block parts (2 base parts and 5 connector parts) for unlimited creations. With only 7 shapes, it’s easy to combine different sets and colors to come up with fantastic new creations.  This set includes 350 blocks and includes a booklet of instructions to make 9 models, including the LaQ grabber which has flexible movement.

The letter "Q" in the name stands for the Japanese word "kyuu" which means sphere. LaQ is completely unique in how it can create spherical geometric shapes and the ultimate block to explore the possibilities in creating from a child's imagination. 

Cool Features:

  1. LaQ has ONLY 7 types of block parts - All of the models made are from these 7 different types of block parts. 2 base and 5 connectors.
  2. Snap, Click and Play  - The parts make a Snap and Click sound which makes it more fun and is a similar sensation to popping bubble wrap.  We find kids enjoy the Snap and Click feel, leading to longer play and concentration
  3. If you lose 1 piece, it doesn’t matter, you can always find another part easily
  4. Compact size and packaging. LaQ is great as a travel toy due to its size and low number of part types


  • Recommended for 5 years to adults
  • Box size:  24cm x 16cm
  • Colour:  red, blue, yellow, green, white and black

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