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Metal Kazoo (One only, random colour)

The kazoo is a musical instrument that adds a "buzzing" timbral quality to a player's voice when the player vocalizes into it. It is a type of mirliton, which is a membranophone, one of a class of instruments which modifies its player's voice by way of a vibrating membrane.

A kazoo player hums, rather than  blows, into the bigger and flattened side of the instrument.   The oscillating air pressure of the hum makes the kazoo's membrane vibrate.  The resulting sound varies in pitch and loudness with the player's humming. Players can produce different sounds by singing specific syllables such as doo, ‘’too’’, whorrrrr or brrrr into the kazoo.


  • Recommended for ages 3 years and up
  • Construction: metal, light weight and durable
  • Size:  12 x 2.5cm