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mierEdu magnetic art case - All about space

mierEdu's All about space magnetic art case is packed with amazing fact and illustrations about the sun and planets of our solar system.  This educational set will delight young space lovers who are eager to learn about the wonders of space. These space magnets are great for children to manipulate and form a planet or build an internationals space station.  with 89 magnets, 1 magnetic space puzzle board and 11 planet anatomy cadrs this set is perfect for home learning and space loving kiddos!


  • Perfect for children aged 3+
  • Made from quality and eco-friendly materials and printed with vegetable inks.
  • Conforms to high standards of safety.
  • Package: Size: 36.6 cm * 29.2cm * 5.1 cm
  • Includes: 89 x Magnets | 1 Magnetic Space Puzzle Board | 11 Planet Anatomy Cards | 1 Mini Encyclopedia | 1 Parent Guide

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