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mierEdu magnetic art case - Language Learning Case

This hands-on language learning case by mierEdu, targeting English letter and word building, introduces a step-by-step language learning method with 4 progressive fun games. These games are designed for letter recognition, sight words spelling and the readiness of writing. This learning case boosts children?€?s vocabulary builds the foundation of reading skills while developing their cognitive and motor skills.


  • Perfect for children aged 3+
  • Made from quality and eco-friendly materials and printed with vegetable inks.
  • Conforms to high standards of safety.
  • Package size:  26.4cm x 21cm x 4.2cm
  • Includes: 30 Object Magnets | 70 Letter Magnets | 4 Scene Cards | 1 wipe-clean marker | 15 Double Sided Sight Word Cards | 1 Parent Guide | 2 Card Holders | 1 Magnetic Adhesive Tape Pack