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Wikki Stix Numbers and Counting Cards Set

The Wikki Stix numbers and counting cards set is a fun, hands-on way to learn all about numbers and shape.  These fun and colorful cards from 1 to 20 will healp with math concepts like number recognition, number formation, counting and one to one correspondence.   With some fine motor work in there too, they'll make  early learning that is designed to delight and entertain.   

  • Includes 27 individual card
  • Includes 36 Wikki Stix
  • Early education activities including counting, math concepts and simple shapes
  • Great to have fun and build confidence with numbers and math
  • Perfect for developing fine motor skills
  • Ideal school readiness at home
  • Perfect for classroom or centers
  • Mistake-proof!

A perfect teaching tool…for classroom or homeschool!

What are Wikki Stix??  Simply stated…they stick! No glue, no paste, no mess. Just press them down with light fingertip pressure on virtually any smooth surface and they will stick. They are also easy to peel up and reposition so “mistakes” virtually disappear.

Plus, they stick to each other for 3-D creativity and fun. Twist, bend, stick, create. That’s it! No preparation… no clean-up… no mess.

That’s what makes them perfect for creating pictures and flat designs, PLUS learning letters, numbers, shapes and more. Create a picture on the fridge… put your name on the bedroom door!

What are they made of?   Wikki stix are made of hand-knitting yarn ehanced with a microcrystalline, food-grade non-toxi wax...the kind used in bubble gum and lipstick.  And that's it.  ('s that touch of wax that allows them to stick) 

A few more details:  Wikki Stix do not break or tear apart, but cut easily with scissors. They do not contain dairy or dairy byproducts, latex, gluten, nor peanut or other nut oils or byproducts… which makes them an ideal creative activity toy for children with allergies.


  • 27 individual number cards
  • 36 reusable Wikki Stix
  • Each Wikki Stix is 15cm in length

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